About Us

We are world's first "app" based charity organisation. We are striving to achieve the idea of making a clean and transparent charity organisation, by usage of latest technology available that can help connect donors and recipients, making them just a click away from each other.

Our Mission

Our mission is to facilitate people through technology in acts which can make our society a better place and promote deeds which are mutually beneficial for donors and recipients.

What we do

We are online charity portal that connects the needy with donor. This is the first portal of its kind which allows donors to directly get in contact with the person he/she wants to help out. We are providing this facility to our users so that they can sign up and find out who in their targeted vicinity is in need of help. Similarly it provides needy people the opportunity to use our interface and upload their profile, so that they don’t have to go through any embarrassment which could be possible if they tried to approach a donor personally. We have made sure that the confidentiality of donor and recipient would be maintained and only required info is shared as per their permission.