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I am the only head of my family i have four children two daughter and two son's my elder daughter is 20+ age, both daughters are able to marry, I am jobless from last one year and I am badly stuck in loans above then four lac and to those I should give they have make my life hell. I live in a rent house and from two months I have not paid the rent of house and bills and the owner of the house is saying me to leave the house and I'm not in a position to take my family to any other house. And I must pay 1 lac 90 thousand urgently. There is no one accept of god for us with a lots of hope I'm putting this request in front of you. I know many fake people has lost the believe on deserving people. If u like to pay money by yourself to those I want to pay I will not mind. And from a respectful way I want to pay loans I want to collect money for my daughters marriage and for house needs and for all this work I need your help as loan and I will pay it to you in easy installments so that you can help those people that are like me again with that money. After god we are hopping on you that you will help and answer soon. Thanks

Required Immediately
Category: Family
Payment Type: Direct Bank Deposit
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Total above 400000

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salman gilani


Taj Pura Rd, Aziz Bhatti Town, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan

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Not approved yet!